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Paper note

If your heart is lonely and you have no place to go

If you think of me and the times goes slow

If nothing else matters and you want to go

Know that I’ll be waiting for you to come home.

If no one believes you when you tell the truth

I believe whatever, when it comes to you

If you feel the pain of a homesick heart

I’ll be right behind you, when you fall apart.

If you love it but you don’t love me

I’ll be happy saying “you’re the world to me”

And if your heart is broken but you won’t admit

You’re too good for her and she can’t see it.

But remember darling wherever you are

You will always be my shining star

And if the time passes and we just don’t speak

The world sees that I love you, even though you don’t see it.

And the clock is ticking telling me it’s time

For a month, an year, a life to say good-bye

There’s nothing harder than knowing you

Will think of her and I’ll think of you.

But it doesn’t really matter how I feel,

If you are always happy and I always will

And your heart was taken, long before I knew

I could even fall so deeply in love with you.

And if memories are all that I’ll ever have

And if pain is all that will hurt this bad

I will take it all just to know your heart it’s safe

Buried or locked in a secret place.

I would do it all just to be with you,

I would leave my life just to live with you

I can only see myself happy next to you

Too bad you can’t see it too.

Since you already know…

It’s not me, it’s you.

It’s not us, is what you have to do.

It’s no ones fault you’re too scared.

But only yours for turning love into pain.

Looking lost,  no one’s around

It’s funny ’cause you’re in the middle of a crowd.

I’m watching you but you don’t know,

Now I know you’re gonna let her go.

Still listening but I don’t talk.

Even if it hurst  a lot

Scars have a way of showing

How to say good-bye.

I can only think of us


Yes, I know it’s been a while

But I just can stop

And I know you may be smiling

But I’m not.


Well, I wait and hope you’ll be there

When I need you the most.


I can only think of things that bring us close.


No, it’s not the first time I’ve been here

And it’s not like I don’t know,

But you seemed happy to see me

And you put quit of a show.


Well, I don’t know what happened then

When it was just the two of us.


I can only think your mind I’m gonna crass.


You’re so beautiful to me

I hope someday you’re gonna see

How much you’ve meant to me

You, perfect angel full of glory.

Long gone

I think I really saw you when we talked that day

When it was just the two of us and it felt more than okay

I looked at you and saw that we both love in the same way

And how we lost ourselves along the way…


We talked for hours on and on,

I felt my past was dead and gone

I thought we had something, till I realized

That may have been a game that just began.


I fell for you to quick to even realize

I couldn’t be part of your complicated life.

I wish I could tell you all on the phone,

But you’re miles and miles away gone..

And I just can’t move on..

How can I ever love again

How can I ever love again

When everytime I had to feel

No one knew then

How badly I fell.

Come back and pick me up,

I wish that I could make it stop

The pain, yes, the pain is rough

Only you can make it stop.

Around the world if I could go

Up to the moon or down below,

No one should know I loved you so

It hasn’t been so long ago.

Not many people really see

How beautiful you are for me,

How I will live just loving you

I wish you would have done that too.

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I know how much I have before you go

But I still just want to let you know

Doesn’t matter how far you fly

This isn’t the last good-bye.

Call me up when you get there

Let me know that you still care

Sent a smile around a heart

Make me feel I’m still a part

Of your homeless heart.